Probate laws are complicated and you need a lawyer who understands those laws.  If someone dies without a Will, if there is property to be distributed and debts to pay, you will need an experienced attorney like Bob Brown Law to help you through the process.


When a loved one passes away, most of us are overwhelmed, not only with grief, but with the task of taking care of the decedent’s estate. A proper Will makes the job easier, but it is only the starting place. In order for a Will to legally pass on assets, a court must determine by order that it is the decedent’s valid Will. The process to get that order, and the distribution of the estate is called probate. Not all Wills need to be probated, and even when a Will must be probated, there are different

types, and some are less complicated than others.


Experienced lawyers, like Bob Brown Law, know whether your loved one’s Will needs to be

probated and if so, which type of probate you need.

Wills & Estate Planning

A proper estate plan includes a Will, Statutory Durable Power of Attorney, a Medical Power of

Attorney, and a Directive to Physicians (Living Will).


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